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EB-5 Applications Are On The Rise In India

Thousands of Indians are planning to arrive in the U.S. and invest in a business or start up a new business. Why are they doing it? Why now? The EB-5 program lets Indians and other immigrants invest in a U.S. business or development project. Investors and their immediate family members receive green cards in return. […]

H-1B Visa – What To Expect In 2018

Employers seeking H-1B visas in 2018 will be submitting their visa petitions at a moment when a variety of immigration changes are being proposed and considered. As you probably know, the policy of the current White House is to tighten the loopholes in current immigration laws and to enforce those laws aggressively. U.S.-based employers who […]

What To Do If Your Immigration Waiver Is Denied

If you are an immigrant in the United States and you have remained in the U.S. beyond the expiration date of your visa, it’s imperative for you to speak as quickly as possible with an experienced Michigan or Ohio immigration attorney. You may not have to leave the U.S. You may be able to obtain […]

Applying For Permanent Residence While On An H-1B Visa

If you are an immigrant who is here in the United States on a temporary work visa, in most cases, you may not apply for permanent residence in the U.S. However, the H-1B temporary nonimmigrant work visa is an exception. How do H-1B temporary employees apply for lawful permanent residence, and what is the role […]

Five Things Business Owners Should Know About DACA

The fate of DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – will be determined by Congress, but since the Trump Administration rescinded the program in September, many business owners are concerned about their employees who have been working legally under DACA. Will employers be able to keep these employees, or will they be lost? What […]

How To Get U.S. Residency Through Investment

For a number of years, obtaining a “green card” (that is, becoming a lawful permanent resident) through investment in the United States has required an investment of one million dollars in a U.S. business. The minimum investment amount can be reduced to $500,000 if the business is set in a rural location or in an […]

Temporary Worker Visas Are On The Rise

Employers in a number of industries across the U.S. rely on the H-2B visa program. The H-2B visa program allows thousands of foreign laborers from sixty-two nations to enter the U.S. temporarily every year to work in sectors of the economy that include construction, hospitality, landscaping, and food services. While the Trump Administration has targeted […]

Can a Revoked Visa be Reinstated?

If you hold a U.S. visa, you should understand that your visa can be revoked or canceled at any time and for a variety of reasons. Visa holders must adhere to the terms and conditions of the visa, and they must exit the United States when their stay expires. If you have any questions about […]

In Some U.S. States, Crime Drops as Immigration Increases

Some of the ideas that some people have about immigration are based on confusion and fear rather than facts. For example, more immigrants inevitably means more crime, right? Think again. That kind of prejudice is being entirely debunked in 2017. A research study released in June shows that California’s substantial decline in drug overdoses, gun […]