Citizenship Appeals and Denials

Citizenship & Naturalization

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    Citizenship Appeals and Denials

    The consequences of the denial of an application for naturalization can range from nonexistent to grave.  A failure to meet physical presence requirements or pass an examination may simply necessitate applying for naturalization again in the future.  However, an issue of moral character can be serious as it may alert the government to a matter that could make you eligible for removal (deportation) from the United States.

    Administrative appeals within USCIS are available when applications for naturalization are wrongly denied.  Judicial appeal to the U.S. Circuit Court is typically the appropriate tribunal upon exhausting all administrative appeal processes. It is critical however that administrative appeals are properly presented and exhausted with critical facts and issues preserved for Circuit Court appeal. The opportunity to present additional facts or evidence in court is very limited.

    In all cases filing an appeal requires experienced counsel with ability to properly present your case.

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    The Value of An Immigration Attorney

    The attorneys of Shihab Burke, LLC, Attorneys At Law have helped many immigrants navigate the naturalization process.  Such includes collecting necessary supporting documents, accurately completing forms and representing individuals during USCIS interviews. 

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