B-1 Business Visitors

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While a good immigration lawyer can help most employers overcome the usual barriers to immigration, there is never a guarantee that a visa will be granted. U.S. employers seeking to send a foreign employee to the U.S. should consult an experienced work visa lawyer at Sam Shihab & Associates.

B-1 Visitor for Business

The B-1 authorization is for those entering the U.S. to participate in business activities including but not limited to educational, professional, scientific, or business conventions or conferences; short-term training as a student or instructor; negotiating a contract, settling an estate, or consulting with business associates; or travelling through the United States.

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A number of other work visa options are also available depending on your needs. To learn more about immigration-related employment and the full range of available work visas, employers should promptly contact an experienced work visa lawyer with Sam Shihab & Associates.