Don’t Face Deportation Alone

Should the government issue a foreign citizen an Order of Removal, or deportation notice, the person is very likely going to feel scared, helpless, angry, and a wide range of other emotions that would be more than understandable in the situation. Luckily, individuals don’t have to fight a deportation notice alone; they can invest in the help of an experienced Columbus immigration attorney instead.

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Don’t Face Deportation Alone

Deportation: Not a Criminal Matter

Only individuals who are going through the criminal courts have the guaranteed right to an attorney. Because immigration matters are handled by administrative courts and are therefore considered administrative proceedings, the right to an attorney does not extend into the immigration courts. Although not guaranteed, the ability to have an attorney represent a case still exists as an option which anyone going through an immigration hearing can and should exercise.

The Reality of Deportation

Immigration policy, as it currently stands, does not care whether a person has been in the United States for his or her whole life, has paid taxes on time, has started a business in his or her local community, or done anything else good for the county and society as a whole. A person who is not either a natural born or naturalized U.S. citizen may be deported from the country for one of any number of offenses, ranging from violation of an administrative immigration rule (like failing to renew a visa) to violation of a serious and/or violent criminal offense.

Why an Attorney Is So Important

This means that a single mistake could put a person’s life in the United States in major jeopardy. With the threat of a deportation looming after a removal order has been issued, foreign citizens in the United States simply can’t afford not to work with experienced legal counsel. In many cases, an attorney may be able to have a deportation order postponed or dismissed entirely.

Getting Started with Legal Counsel

As soon as a person facing deportation partners with an experienced immigration attorney, that person will experience relief from a major burden almost immediately. Instead of worrying about what he or she is going to do, the person facing deportation can continue with life as normal as the attorney works his or her hardest to craft an argument against deportation and have it presented to the court.

Attorney Expenses

If they are concerned that the cost of an attorney may be too expensive to afford, individuals facing deportation or removal orders should consider how much is on the line if they end up getting deported. The expense of an attorney will be seen as more than fair if the attorney is able to help the person remain in the United States and continue living life as normal.

Attorneys Help Fight Deportation

If they don’t hire an attorney, individuals facing deportation will be expected to stand for deportation / removal hearings on their own and to present their own cases for why a deportation order should be cancelled. If they have never had to present a case in court, then those facing deportation are placed at an obvious disadvantage, since the government attorney pressing for a deportation will have a considerable amount of legal experience over the person who is self-representing.

Shihab Burke, LLC, Attorneys At Law Can Help

If you are an immigrant with any questions or concerns regarding your status, visa, green card application, or any other legal matter, speak at once to an experienced Columbus immigration attorney. A good immigration lawyer can help you and your family with any immigration issue you face and defend you if you’re accused of violating immigration law.

Our immigration attorneys will review your forms and applications for thoroughness and accuracy. Immigration laws will continually change, but an experienced immigration attorney will always be able to give you the most up-to-date legal advice you need.

We have offices in Dublin and Columbus, Ohio, Michigan, and Texas. But our full suite of immigration law services is available to clients nationwide and even around the world.

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