employment based visa

H-1B Visa

How to Find an H-1B Visa Sponsor

The most important thing to know about obtaining employment in the U.S. and obtaining an H-1B work visa is that you should contact an experienced Dublin immigration attorney for sound legal guidance and assistance as you seek to obtain the visa. U.S.-based employers who act as H-1B visa sponsors – and those who would like…

Non-immigrant Visa

U.S. Business Visa Interview Best Practices

Several options for immigration are available for business visitors to the United States. There are five categories of “EB” visas (employment-based visas) for immigrants eligible to work in the United States as permanent residents, and employer sponsorship is sometimes required for those business visas. Temporary, non-immigrant visas are also offered to those who want or…

H-1B Visa

Filing Approvable H-1B Petitions 

What are the elements that constitute an approvable H-1B petition? This is the question that my clients who call my Columbus, Ohio office ask frequently. What can the employer and employee do to help their H1-B visa attorney get the best results for them? I once even had a client tell me: “Please give me a list of…