How to Find an H-1B Visa Sponsor

The most important thing to know about obtaining employment in the U.S. and obtaining an H-1B work visa is that you should contact an experienced Dublin immigration attorney for sound legal guidance and assistance as you seek to obtain the visa.

U.S.-based employers who act as H-1B visa sponsors – and those who would like to act as sponsors – should also contact an immigration attorney if you require any legal assistance or if you have any questions or concerns about the work visa process.

What is an H-1B Visa?

The H-1B visa is the most widely-used work visa in the U.S. It is a nonimmigrant work visa that allows U.S.-based employers to employ international workers in “specialty” occupations for up to three years. The visa can be extended once for a second three-year period.

This work visa gives those U.S. employers the opportunity to hire a foreign-born professional for a “specialty” position if a U.S. citizen or resident with the necessary qualifications is not available. Employers and employees must meet a number of requirements in order to obtain an H-1B work visa.

Who is Eligible for the H-1B Visa?

This visa is meant for professionals. Before you can qualify for an H-1B visa, you must have an employment offer from a U.S.-based employer in a specialized field like computer electronics, medical research, engineering, architecture, or a similar industry.

H-1B petitions are submitted by employers, not by potential employees. H-1B visa holders must have a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent. The United States approves 65,000 H-1B visas each year; another 20,000 H-1B work visas are reserved for international workers with advanced degrees.

What are the Benefits of the H-1B Visa?

This visa provides the holder with a variety of immigration benefits that are not offered by the other nonimmigrant visas. Those immigration benefits are:

  • The ability to stay in the United States for up to six years.
  • The ability to transfer your work authorization status to another employer.
  • The H-1B work visa is accessible, so any foreign national may apply for it.
  • The requirements are minimal. You need only a bachelor’s degree and a job offer.
  • Your spouse and dependents can accompany you to the U.S. with H-4 visas.
How to Get a Job Offer in the U.S.

H-1B visa petitions are accepted each year starting on April 1st. Those who are approved and selected for H-1B visas may begin working in the United States the following October.

Employers in the United States want to hire international workers for specialty positions, but how can you (as a potential employee) find a U.S. employer who will be a sponsor? Here are some tips that can help.

Step 1: Look Online for H-1B Visa Sponsors

You can learn a lot simply by typing certain phrases into a search engine like Google. Use a phrase like “H-1B visa sponsors” or “companies that sponsor H-1B visas.” Be more specific by using phrases like “H-1B visa sponsors in Ohio” or “H-1B visa sponsors in Michigan.”

U.S. job websites like Monster and CareerBuilder may also be helpful. Then, you should compile a list of the U.S.-based companies that you might like to work, and prepare job applications for those employers.

Step 2: Send Out Employment Applications

This step involves updating your resume, completing the job applications fully and accurately, and sending the applications to the companies that you selected in step one above.

After you are offered a job in the United States – not before – make certain that the employer understands that you need H-1B sponsorship so that the company can apply for your visa next April.

Contact a Dublin immigration attorney to find out the current status of H-1B work visa petitions and when you can possibly start the process.

Step 3: Consider an Internship

Another option to consider is an internship. If you are in the United States with an F-1 student visa, and if you want to stay in the U.S. to find employment, try to find an internship at a company that sponsors H-1B visas.

You can also learn about internships at career events and job fairs. In fact, you should be networking as much as you can to make connections with possible employers.

Outside of the United States, you should talk to friends and family members. Look for a chance to network with someone who represents a U.S.-based employer. Social media platforms and career platforms like LinkedIn can be helpful for networking.

Step 4: Consider a Job at a University

If you are already in the United States with an H-4 visa or an F-1 visa, it is beneficial to know that most universities in the U.S. are not covered by the H-1B annual cap restriction. This allows universities to sponsor an unlimited number of H-1B visas.

It is an option that will allow you to continue living in the United States. The disadvantage of this option is that you cannot transfer the H-1B work visa from your university job to another employer.

Step 5: Learn About Consulting Companies

Most consulting companies operate honestly and legally, but you must be careful, because some do not. Some consulting companies may tell you that they will sponsor an H-1B visa – but only if you pay. You need to know that selling or paying for an H-1B visa is a crime in the U.S.

Make a list of the larger, reliable global consulting companies, like TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) and Wipro Limited. Then go to their websites, learn what employment is currently available, and apply for the jobs that look right for you.

Who Sponsors H-1B Visas?

Many employers in the United States – in virtually every field of employment – are H-1B visa sponsors, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Need More Help?

We understand that this H-1B work visa process can seem complicated. That is why the knowledgeable attorneys at Shihab Burke, LLC, Attorneys At Law are here to help you. Contact an experienced Dublin immigration attorney if you need any legal advice or assistance as you seek employment in the United States.

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