Cincinnati and Immigration

Foreign-born Cincinnatians comprise only 3.5 percent of the city’s population, yet they wield $1.5 billion in spending power and contribute over $189 million in state and local taxes annually. Mayor John Cranley says he wants to “make Cincinnati the most immigrant friendly city in the country.” Cranley is just one of many political leaders in Ohio and across the United States who are welcoming immigrants into their communities.

Cincinnati, Ohio skyline at night.
Cincinnati and Immigration

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Cincinnati Becoming More Immigrant-friendly

In 2014, Mayor Cranley organized a task force of community leaders to draft a report on how to make Cincinnati more immigrant-friendly. The result is a plan to increase the city’s immigrant population over the next five years. The plan includes support for international entrepreneurs, attracting international students to local colleges, and improving housing and transportation assistance.

A Center for New Cincinnatians is central to the new initiative. The Center will welcome immigrants to Cincinnati and offer guidance and resources. “We are emphatically saying, we love emigration, we want more emigration, we believe that it’s key to our economic future and to a better, more just society,” Mayor Cranley told WCPO News.

Help for Cincinnati Immigrants

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