Temporary Visas for Journalists and Performers

If you want to enter the United States temporarily for employment, the precise work you perform and the precise nature of your employer’s business will determine which temporary work visa is right for you. If you are an international journalist or performer – or if you work with a journalist or a performer in a support capacity – have your immigration concerns addressed and obtain the sound legal advice you need by consulting a seasoned, trustworthy Ohio immigration lawyer.

Keep in mind that visas do take time, and a knowledgeable Shihab Burke, LLC, Attorneys At Law immigration attorney can help avoid any issues that could delay the process.

Temporary Visa for Journalists

If you are a print, television, internet, or radio journalist entering the United States exclusively to gather news, and you have no intention to remain in the country, you’ll need to apply for a Media (I) visa. It is issued to reporters, editors, directors, producers, technicians, and photojournalists. The I visa allows you to work in the U.S. for only a specified employer; free-lance work is not allowed. An I visa has an expiration date and does not provide a path to a green card or to U.S. citizenship.

Temporary Visa for Actors, Directors, and Producers

If you are entering the United States to work in film or television as an actor, director, or producer, you’ll need to apply for an O-1 visa. Applicants must have a U.S. employer or sponsor and demonstrate a record of “extraordinary” achievement such as awards, award nominations, and a history of successful film or television endeavors. Television and film crew members who assist O-1 visa recipients may be provided with the O-2 visa.

Temporary Visa for Performers

If you perform as an individual or as part of a group, you’ll need to apply for the P-1 temporary visa. The P-2 visa is for those who accompany the P-1 visa holder and assist with that performer’s work.

Need Help?

You’ll need a legal employment contract to acquire any one of these visas, along with some preparation, patience, and the advice and services of an experienced immigration attorney. If you are a foreign-national journalist or performer, or if you are the employer, obtain the advice and legal services of an experienced Ohio immigration lawyer.

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