Citizenship Has Its Advantages

If you are an immigrant lucky enough to qualify for United States citizenship, you should absolutely pursue it. Citizenship offers a number of advantages, and it finally ends, once and for all, any and all concerns about greens cards, visas, and immigration status.

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Citizenship Has Its Advantages

For whatever reason, however, some people are reticent to take that final step, and they may have a number of reasons why. Let’s review the advantages of citizenship and why, with the help of a Columbus immigration attorney, you can leave those reasons behind!

Common Citizenship Fears

Let’s look at the most common reasons people have for not applying and the truth behind them:

  • I’m happy with lawful permanent residency.” While that may be true, as far as it goes, citizenship puts you in a more advantageous position to help your family and loved ones with their own immigration problems. Citizenship allows you to vote, and it qualifies you for a number of federal jobs that are otherwise closed to you. It also means a higher limit on the amount of your estate that is subject to the “death tax” upon your demise, and that’s a real benefit for your family. When you’re a citizen, you never, ever have to worry again about your right to reside in the United States, even if unexpected family or job issues take you outside the country for years.
  • I can’t afford the filing fee.” But consider that the filing fee for naturalization is far less than renewing your green card, and paying for it, over and over again. Right now, the fee is $680, but every time your green card comes up for renewal, that’s a $450 fee. Moreover, if some issue arises regarding your green card, defending your residency will mean additional expense, possibly thousands of dollars. The $680 filing fee for citizenship is a one-time cost. In some cases you can even get have fee waived by filing USCIS Form I-912.
  • I’m afraid of failing the English Exam.” It may only seem more difficult than it really is. Test officials realize that English isn’t your native language; all you need is some basic knowledge and the ability to answer a few simple questions. Classes and study guides are available almost everywhere, even online. Moreover, you can obtain a list of the questions in advance and take all the time you need to study and feel confident. Some people over 50 may even be eligible for a waiver of part or all of the language requirements.


Shihab Burke, LLC, Attorneys At Law Can Help

This temporary work visa process can be a bit time consuming and expensive. There are no guarantees for entry nor are there any guarantees that these temporary visas might lend to permanent citizenship. Typically, employer should have an immigration attorney on retainer who will help facilitate the application process.

If you are an immigrant with any questions or concerns regarding your status, visa, green card application, or any other legal matter, speak at once to an experienced Columbus immigration attorney. A good immigration lawyer can help you and your family with any immigration issue you face and defend you if you’re accused of violating immigration law.

Our immigration attorneys will review your forms and applications for thoroughness and accuracy. Immigration laws will continually change, but an experienced immigration attorney will always be able to give you the most up-to-date legal advice you need.

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